Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean – The lowest Point On Earth is the deepest point on Earth with a depth of 7 miles. It is located in Mariana trench, a 2550 kilometers long trench in Western Pacific ocean. In fact challenger deep is much deeper than that of height of Mount Everest. Challenger deep is named after HMS challenger survey ship, which made first recording of it’s depth. Mariana trench i a part of one of oldest oceanic crust, which is about 180 million years old. The water pressure at challenger deep is 8 tons per square inch, about 7 miles of water overhead. The first ever manned descent to challenger deep was achieved by deep boat ‘bathyscape trieste’ with U.S Navy Lt.Don Walsh and Swiss scientist Jacques Piccard. The second successful manned descent to challenger deep was achieved by Canadian film director James Cameroon.
Ang Mariana Trench ay matatagpuan sa isang lugar na plate boundary . Narito ang dalawang nagtatagpo sa plates ng oceanic lithosphere at sila ay nagbanggaan sa isa’t-isa. Sa banggaan ay na point, ang isa sa mga plates ay bumababa sa manta. Sa linya ng contact sa pagitan ng dalawang plates ang pababang nakabaluktot ang porma ng isang sabsaban na kilala bilang isang trintsera karagatan. Isang halimbawa ng isang trintsera karagatan ay ipinakita sa diagram sa ibaba. Ocean trenches form ng ilang mga pinakamalalim na mga lokasyon sa karagatan ng Mundo.

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